Faculty + Student Coauthored Research

Our program has a tradition of faculty-student research collaboration.

Listed below are our very recent successes (limiting to year 2015 alone). The coauthors of each publication or working paper contain at least one current faculty member and at least one current PhD student or PhD graduates within the last three years (names of the faculty are underlined and names of the students are highlighted in bold).


Dan Dhaliwal, Scott Judd, Matthew Serffling and Sarah Shaikh. 2015. “Customer Concentration Risk and the Cost of Equity Capital.” Journal of Accounting and Economics
Dan Dhaliwal, Phillip Lamoreaux, L. Litov and J. Neyland. 2015. “Shared Auditors in Mergers and Acquisitions.” Forthcoming at Journal of Accounting and Economics
Dan Dhaliwal, Phillip Lamoreaux, Clive Lennox, Landon Mauler. “Management Influence on Auditor Selection and Subsequent Impairments of Auditor Independence during the post-SOX Period.”  Contemporary Accounting Research.  Summer 2015.  
Dane Christensen, Dan Dhaliwal, Boivie, S., Graffin, S. 2015. “Top Management Conservatism and Corporate Risk Strategies…Evidence from Managers’ Personal Political Orientation and Corporate Tax Avoidance.  Strategic Management Journal.  
Andrew Finley and James Stekelberg. 2015. “The Economic Consequences of Tax Service Provider Sanctions: Evidence from KPMG’s Deferred Prosecution Agreement.”  Journal of the American Taxation Association.
Matthew Erickson, Nathan Goldman, and James Stekelberg. 2015. “The Cost of Compliance: FIN 48 and Audit Fees.” Journal of the American Taxation Association
Phillip Lamoreaux, Paul Michas, and Wendy Shultz. 2015. “Do Accounting and Audit Quality Affect World Bank Lending?” The Accounting Review 90 (2): 703-738.
Katharine Drake, Nathan Goldman, and Stephen Lusch. 2015. “Does the Content of PCAOB Part II Reports Influence Client Financial Reporting? Evidence from Income Tax Accounts”  The Accounting Review.
Russ Hamilton and James Stekelberg. “The Effect of High Quality Information Technology on Corporate Tax Avoidance and Tax Risk.” at Journal of Information Systems, forthcoming
Katharine Drake, Stephen Lusch, and James Stekelberg. Does Tax Risk Affect Investor Valuation of Tax Avoidance? Journal of Accounting and Finance, Forthcoming


Ongoing Projects

Dan Dhaliwal, Matthew Erickson, Nathan Goldman, and Linda Krull. “Do Foreign Cash Holdings Affect the Cost of Debt?” Working paper, presented at 2015 ASU-UA Joint Research Symposium and National Tax Association’s 108th Annual Conference on Taxation.
Katharine Drake, Nathan Goldman, and Frank Murphy. “Foreign Business Strategies and foreign Earnings Quality” under review, presented at 2015 American Accounting Association Annual Meeting.
Katharine Drake, Frank Murphy, and Stephen Lusch. “Does it have to be so complex? Organizational complexity and financial frictions”
Russ Hamilton and Dan Russomanno.  “Auditor Signals and the Cost of Debt”
Dan Dhaliwhal, Paul Michas, Dan Russomanno, and Summer Xiao. “Internal Audit Quality and Firm Efficiency”
Curtis Hall, Scott Judd, and Jayanthi Sunder. “The Role of Auditor Portfolios: Evidence from the Financial Crisis”
Curtis Hall, Jayanthi Sunder, and Shyam Sunder. “Earnings Seasons: Analysis of Inferred and Announced News"


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